SPI Technology

Our core technology is a proprietary Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) Sensor which extracts three-dimensional (3D) information without scanned or structured lighting.

  • Conventional “camera-like” operation, size, cost and optoelectronics* Portable, single-camera system is easy to install and configure.
  • True 3D sensing from single frame via single aperture, varying in size.
  • Very high depth resolution (e.g. >10% of lateral resolution).
  • Very high lateral resolution and high speed.
  • Incoherent illumination (active or passive) across any band.
  • Operation at all distances (e.g. millimeters, kilometers).
  • Extremely fast capture of image and processing of 3D data.
  • Passive system utilizes available lighting, eliminating need for special illumination or laser scanners.
  • Network-enabled allowing remote placement of multiple sensor systems.
  • Standardized data formats allow utilization of 3D information in existing applications.
  • High-resolution sensor generates detailed object data for scene being imaged.
  • Software utilities can produce accurate object information such as size, speed, heading, orientation, displacement velocity and acceleration.