Spatial Phase

SPI Technology

Our core technology is a proprietary Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) Sensor which extracts three-dimensional (3D) information without scanned or structured lighting.

  • Conventional “camera-like” operation, size, cost and optoelectronics* Portable, single-camera system is easy to install and configure
  • True 3D sensing from single frame via single aperture, varying in size.
  • Very high depth resolution (e.g. >10% of lateral resolution).
  • Very high lateral resolution and high speed.
  • Incoherent illumination (active or passive) across any band.
  • Operation at all distances (e.g. millimeters, kilometers).
  • Extremely fast capture of image and processing of 3D data.
  • Passive system utilizes available lighting, eliminating need for special illumination or laser scanners.
  • Network-enabled allowing remote placement of multiple sensor systems.
  • Standardized data formats allow utilization of 3D information in existing applications.
  • High-resolution sensor generates detailed object data for scene being imaged.
  • Software utilities can produce accurate object information such as size, speed, heading, orientation, displacement velocity and acceleration.

Blair Barbour


  • President and CEO, founder and inventor of Photon-x technology. Inventor of the revolutionary Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) technology and 30+ years experience in development. Extensive experience growing several technical businesses from scratch into highly successful and profitable companiesPrevious experience includes managing an organization that grew from one person to nearly 50 people and from no funding to multi‐million dollar annual revenue in just five years Received the National Defense Industrial Association Materiel Acquisition/Technology Award in recognition of his accomplishments in furthering sensor technology in the area of Passive Spatial Phase Imaging Techniques. With numerous patents and over 30 technical publications.

Paul Hamm

Vice President

As Photon-X’s VP, Paul helps guide both early stage and established businesses through strategic marketing and innovation methods that can tangibly identify market opportunities and drive top and bottom line growth.

Paul’s knowledge in growth strategy development (markets, segmentation, and value creation), product and service offerings, go-to-market strategies, as well as providing insightful and practical perspectives that helps companies of all sizes achieve their goals.  His diverse background as a former Fortune 500 executive, tech entrepreneur, revenue strategist, management consultant, and sales force leader helps clients “connect the dots” between ideas, product development, and revenue generation.

In addition to his position with Photon-X, Paul serves on the Board of Directors of the Emily Jerry Foundation, which helps make our nation’s world renowned medical facilities safer for everyone.

Nick Englert

Head Of Operations

Mr. Englert, has over 20 years leading new product development and bringing new products to market.

Prior to coming to Photon-X,  Mr. Englert’s responsibilities included program, engineering, procurement, and manufacturing management around the world.  The products he has successfully launched from blue sky concepts to mass production have ranged from military products, to medical devices, and to commercial products.  He has managed product development budgets in excess of $100M.  Mr. Englert has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida and a MBA from Benedictine University.



Photon-X 3D sensors provide valuable object information and analytics about the scenery items within its field of view. By detecting key characteristics about imaged items, automatic target recognition algorithms can be improved; man-made items are more easily discerned from background clutter and moving target information can be computed such as heading, speed and orientation.

This detailed information can be used to determine area, volume, or height of target features. Our patented, unique approach to characterizing surface elements is angle-invariant and easily scaled to suit a variety of applications. Target information can be collected at a variety of distances and angles.

By simply changing its field of view, our technology has been successfully demonstrated in systems whose imaged targets range in a variety of sizes (e.g. microscopic crystals, human faces and/or bodies, vehicles and aircraft).

Terrain features measuring hundreds of meters in width at several kilometers from the sensor unit itself can be imaged with extremely high resolution.


  • Hyper realistic images
  • Real time 3D video capturing
  • USB3 vision compliant
  • Computer vision tracking and identifications
  • Robust SDK
  • 90FPS
  • Compatible with any lens
  • 5MP Resolution
  • Customizable for custom Sensor applications.


  • This is next product offering, We are currently in development of another type of sensor using the Infrared spectrum and our technology
  • This product is schedule to complete development in Q4 of 2018


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